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50th anniversary ~TOHEI to the Next~

Tohei group will mark the 50th anniversary in 2021. We thank all of customers for long time support and keeping business relationship with us.

As a leading company in the mechaelectronics business field, we've mainly offered AV products, automotive products and OA products since founding of Tohei in 1971. Celebrating 50th anniversary, we pledge to continue challenging in coming years with our new policy, “ TOHEI to the Next” and following three key phrases.

We'll continue challenging not only to develop new products but also enter a new category of business: Moving Ahead to The Next

We deeply appreciate your long-time attention and support. Other than consumer products and industrial machinery we currently started manufacturing IoT related products. Please visit our IoT featured page in our website for more information.

We will keep a wide angle view and continue challanging for new designing and manufacturing.

There are hints for your products in the next generation: Hints to The Next

Our optical disc drive products having developed through our long time experience can show you how to make value-added products and a lot of other ideas.

28 year manufacturing experience in China is exactly our treasure. You can find a lot of ideas from parts and components procured by our supplier chain and production know-how, which are highly important for EMS-manufacturing in China.

Optical Disc Drive Products
Automated Assembly Equipment
Automated Assembly Equipment

Effectively Integrate imagination and resources: Integration to The Next

We help you embody your plans and imagination and realize to products.

Your success in China depends on how effectively you can systematize and integrate designing, procuring components and parts, manufacturing and logistic system.

We'll support you with our total coordination.