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Materials Sourcing Proxy Service

Regarding to the know-how of materials sourcing and export business in China.

To customers whose are first time to consider the materials sourcing in overseas

Do you frustrate about the matter of materials sourcing?

  • Further cost reduction is very difficult in Japan currently.
  • Do not have any experience in overseas trading.
  • Interested in overseas merchandising, but do not know how to get proceed.

We provide a wide range and compact of services including vendor selection, materials sourcing (delivery management), quality guarantee and products shipping to our satisfaction.
Moreover, with regard to the customised parts (a resin cast, a sheet metal press etc) which base on individual specifications other than a general-purpose item. Our management teams will also ensure quality assurance on sample parts and model making inspection and even in mass-production.

To customers whose have experience in materials sourcing in overseas

Do you have problem in part supply and materials sourcing overseas?

  • The production plan will be affected by delay of parts delivery.
  • There will be a quality problem and more time will be spent on the countermeasure inefficiently.
  • Want to improve the quality, but lack of resources and proper guides and instructions.
The more parts suppliers get involved, the more effort you need to put in.
We promise the quality management system we use for materials sourcing, packaging, inspection and dispatching locally and overseas are sufficient and efficient enough to reduce your burden.

To customers whose want to improve the supply of materials sourcing in overseas

Other than export to Japan, we also arrange export to your designated location.
Especially for those customers whose have difficulties and barriers of trading in Southeast Asian Countries.
Please feel free to use our materials sourcing proxy services if you encounter the above situation. We also do export insurance and other handling services so as to support our customers in all aspects.