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EMS / ODM ~Reliable Production、Best Communication、Trustful Support~

New EMS style in the next generation~More than reliable production! New EMS/ODM filled with best communication and trustful support.

A quite few EMS companies have already run into business in China. Some of them, mainly large-scale companies, have expanded their business at mass produce. But we doubt all of customers are only searching for making products in large quantities……. We consider again what real customer satisfaction is? What type of EMS business the customers are truly looking for?

What Tohei can suggest is a new type of outsourcing manufacturing in China fitting for new generation. We not only rely on our production liability but keep hand in hand collaboration with customers to make it possible.

We've accumulated a lot of know-how through long time business in China. We are very confident!

Tohei's factory in China is a Domestic Enterprise Company

Our factory in China has been already become a Domestic Enterprise Company transformed from a Sub-contract Factory whose business has been strictly limited by Government recently.

We've not only maintained very comfortable relationship with district Government, but also remained appropriate labor management system preparing for sudden lack of employees and/or labor dispute. We guarantee to keep stable production.

Tohei China Factory is certified AEO Rank enterprise

Keeping stable logistic system is the first priority for manufacturing in China.

Our factory in China is certified the highest AEO Rank by China Customs. We guarantee fast and smooth custom clearance.

Guarantee of Japanese Quantity

Key Japanese staffs are stationed in the factory in China, and support sales, R&D, production, procurement and logistic.

Our skill of handling sudden troubles is highly appreciated by our customers. We promise to exclude any kinds of frustration and burden caused by language barrier, poor communication and endless confirmation task. We'll fully serve our customers with best communication and trustful support.

Competitive Price

Does keeping quite many Japanese staffs in the factory make products more expensive?

Please change your way of thinking! We've concentrated key Japanese staffs having worked in Japan and Hong Kong into our China factory. That is why we can support our customers with competitive price even though we relatively have certain Japanese staffs in China.

Manufacturing of Max.USER-EXPERIENCE product

The first priority of mass production designing used to be "easy manufacturing" to guarantee quality stabilization in the production line, and products were mostly designed at the manufacturer's point of view. What consumers are most concerned, such as the feel of a material, the catchy design, easy-use and the others, were often ignored in front of it.

Currently, many companies have paid more attention to the product designing based on maximization of USER-EXPERIECE other than easy manufacturing. Thus the manufacturers accordingly have faced more difficulties to build up those type of products. Tohei have closely observed the change and kept up with it, and help our customers with our designing skill and production technology make up products that can meet their USER-EXPERIECE maximization.