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EMS for Automotive Products

We’ve produced audio/navigation optical drive modules for car use under EMS for many years. Our products include genuine automotive products, which are expected very high quality, as well as after-market automotive products.

There are a quite few requirements for genuine car models. We here explain to you how we’ve handled distinctive requirement of automotive products.

Challenge to ZERO defect in production line

There would be possible that even malfunction of AV products of genuine car use might cause serious accidents. In addition, because it is already installed in the car, its repair is complicated and very time-consuming. And the cost is much higher than repairing home-used products. That's why automotive products are expected very high quality. This kind of quality can not be easily reached only by strict inspection, but finally can be accomplished by to-zero defect approach and its activity. We've constantly taken corrective actions to achieve zero-defect.

Special inspections in the mass production lines.

There are many kinds of line Inspections being required for automotive products, and some of them are very unique that we can hardly imagine against home-use products. We've performed severe high temperature and low temperature test in the large-scaled environmental chamber and vibration test by small in-line tester for each product.

Large-scaled Environmental Chamber

Small in-line vibration Tester

Set up the traceability system for parts/components

Even though our line quality target is ZERO defect, it is actually very difficult to sustain. In the case, we must have flawless traceability system for backup. Once a problem happens, we urgently find its root cause, trace history of parts/components, make up a plan and swiftly take corrective and preventive actions. In order to facilitate tracing process, we not only make key plastic and metal parts in house, but also strictly keep first-in first-out stock control system.

Metal Stamping Facility

Plastic Injection Facility

Material Stock Warehouse in FIFO system


We've been also certified to ISO/TS16949 for automotive application.