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EMS for Home-use Products

We've mainly produced home-use products, especially AV products for many years. There are many similar companies in this business field, but most of them, particularly large-scale companies, prefer to select a few models and concentrate on large-volume mass production. Their first priority is cost reduction through small profits and quick returns. But to the contrary we've accepted production of multiple models in small lot sizes since we started business in China. This is because making value added products will be inevitable even for home-used products in the near future.

Making full use of our experience in production engineering of mechanism, we will never stop challenging to achieve low-cost but high quality in production of multiple models in small lot sizes that could be much likely more expensive in theory. We know it is not easy but we keep approaching from different angles to succeed our target.

Highly standardized automated assembly machines and inspection equipments built in house

We are achieving our target in setting highly standardized automated assembly machines and inspection equipments, which are built in house, in the production lines. We've actually succeeded to reduce a number of workers through promoting many kinds of mechanization. We also succeeded to flexibly reshuffle workers by simplifying their jobs, for example adjustment inspection that usually need much work experience, with automated inspection testers. We design and make most of equipments and jigs-Tohei originals- in house. Effectively using in-house making equipments can help us realize good cost performance and fast and timely line setup.

Automated Screwing Machine

Automated Adjustment Equipment

Multi-directions tester

Automatic Screw-fastening Machine (Traverse Mechanism)

Automatic Riveting Machine
(Loader Base)

Automatic Soldering and Gear Insertion Machine (Motor Bracket)

Automatic In-line Riveting Machine (Loader Base)

Automatic Parts Assembling Machines (Traverse Mechanism)

Important mechanism metal and plastic parts are manufactured in house

EMS subcontractors usually purchase components and parts from their suppliers. But we instead make most of them in house, and hold the advantage over quality, cost and warehouse management even in the production of multiple models in small lot sizes. Different from electric parts, mechanism parts theoretically intend to be more costly, it is because most of mechanism parts are customized and needed to control change management and maintenance of tooling/molds. But we well balance these two contrary demands through reliable parts manufacturing skill and management system backed by our long time experience on mechanism design and manufacturing.

Metal Stamping Facility

Plastic Injection Facility

Tooling/Molds Inspection Used Coordinate Measuring Machine

PCB Assembly Lines with Advanced Machines

Higher density is required even for home-used PCB products these days, and it becomes more difficult to check all parts and areas by ICT. We’ve furnished the newest surface mounting machines and visual inspection testers, and satisfy to manufacture higher density PCB.

SMT Facility

Visual Inspection Tester

Various Line Formation

We provide many different line formation according to its size and requirment.

We use long conveyer line (I line) formation for mechanism module.
We can set up the maximum length 60M line

Semi-cellular line suitable for production of multiple models in small lot size and high quality mechanism module manufacturing

Free Flow Line suitable for finished products

Quality Management

Keeping up with the international trend of restriction of using particular chemical substances, especially leaded by European nations, we not only survey chemical composition of each component in paper but also perform actual chemical test by fluorescence X-ray tester. On the other hand, we also have some other testers for environment and vibration test to secure on-going product quality.

Florescence X-ray Tester

Environment Chamber

IQC measurement inspection is well simplified by using special jigs