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Tray Loader Mechanism


【Usage and Features】
This is half height sized DVD Tray Loading Mechanism loaded TDT-2000T, and one of our best selling products.
This mechanism not only can secure high quality in its light body while showing good cost performance, but also keep good tranquility since its tray is driven by belt.
The tray is also used for 8cm disc. Special cut at the top of tray to facilitate attaching a tray cover. We also can serve upgraded upper full-covered model, which is designed to avoid dust intrusion.

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《TD-7000/TC-7000 》

【Usage and Features】
This is Tray Loading Mechanism special for DVD/CD players that load TDT-2000T for DVD or Sanyo DA11 for CD as well as aluminum die-cast tray.
Double Shaft Hold Loading Mechanism and belt driving is adapted to reduce noises to the maximum.
We can serve various top cover of mechanism by customization.
There is special cut at the top of tray to facilitate attaching a ray cover.
Stately aluminum die-cast tray also can be used for 8cm discs. Various colors are available by customer-made.
We can say this luxury tray loader is exactly the result of our experience and accumulation of Tohei’s know-how and very welcomed by high end audio makers of Japan and abroad.

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