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Mass Production

A wide variety of plans tailored to your mass production plan

We offer plans that meet customers' needs, including reliable "domestic production" "overseas production" with competitive price and "domestic final production" that combines both. We provide the best EMS service for manufacturing at the best production site.

The reason to choose Tohei Group


Abundant achievements and know-how

The strength of Tohei Group lies in its more than 50 years of business experience and accumulated know-how. Our high level of production technology is reflected in customers' manufacturing.


Reliable equipment quality control system

We have been boosting our overseas production efforts for multi-variety, low-volume production since the early days, and we continue to take up the challenge of meeting the demand for low cost and high quality in a multi-variety, low-volume production model that usually tends to be high costly.


Abundant domestic and overseas parts procurement experience

We package our know-how in export business and parts procurement in Japan and overseas. We provide consistent services from the selection of overseas suppliers, parts procurement (delivery management) and quality assurance to shipping.

Challenge to achieve "zero" defect rate in the market

In addition to adopting a strict inspection approach to achieve high quality mass production, Tohei Group aims to reduce the process defect rate to the minimum extent. We are working to improve each process based on the principle that "the next process is the customer".

Reliable equipment
quality control system

At Tohei Group's overseas factories, we not only conduct ISO certification process and inspection for the presence of environmentally hazardous substances, but also conduct our own inspections. For this purpose, we have specialized equipment such as "X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer". In addition, we have environmental testing equipment and vibration testing equipment to perform quality control in our factory.

You can rest assured even the first overseas parts procurement

Are you feeling the limits of cost reduction in Japan? Are you unsure of how to proceed with procurement of parts and materials overseas? Tohei Group provides comprehensive services from the selection of overseas suppliers, parts arrangement, delivery management, quality confirmation to packaging and shipping. You can rest assured even if this is your first time to procure parts overseas.

Factory Remote System (Remote Factory Audit)

The overseas factories of Tohei Group are equipped with a "Factory Remote System (Remote Factory Audit)" allowing customers to confirm the production status of their products at any time and from any location. This service uses the same environment as the currently popular telework and web conference, which enable the remote monitoring of production at a factory without having to visit it. This service is especially useful for first production and new product launches.