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Do you have any problems as this?

We have a plan for a product we want to develop,
but do not have the engineering resources to develop it.
Since we do not have enough experience,
we would like to consult about how to proceed with the development.
We want to carry out development in stages to promote the project due to budget issues.

Technology Solutions of Tohei Group

We can provide "total support" to undertake the entire process, and we can also provide "individual support" in which we share the responsibility with the customer.
We will make the optimal proposal based on the customer's requests.

◎Mechanical Design

  • CAD Solid Works (3D・2D)
  • Drive system, waterproof and dustproof, uniquely designed housing, silent design

◎Electrical Design

  • CAD Altium Designer
  • Circuit board design, FPGA design, wireless module circuits, microcontroller circuits, sensor circuits, various evaluation and testing

◎Software Design

  • Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS development environments
  • Various softwares: microcontroller, embedded, Linux, wireless module, application

List of Technology Core Solutions

We will propose the realization of our customers' plans by utilizing the experience in implementing various technologies accumulated by Tohei Group.

Mechanical Design
Silent operation
Dustproof and drip-proof design
Strength design
Corresponding to sterilization
Heat insulation structure
Valve opening and closing
Uniquely designed modeling
Disposable structure
Control design
Drive system circuits
LVDS signal circuit
Laser driver circuit
Robot arm operation control
Line LED control
PWM control
Communication control
Rinse flow control
USB communication
Wi-Fi communication
Device Utilization
Piezoelectric device
Voice recognition
Impact sensing
Camera sensing
Optical sensing
Pulse wave sensor
Acceleration sensor
Weight sensor
Temperature and humidity sensor
Heart rate sensor
Sound sensor
PM2.5 sensing
Radiation sensing
Inertial measurement sensor (IMU)
Sediment detection sensor
Moisture measurement (electrical resistance type)
Refractive index Brix measurement
Pressure measurement
Micro-weight measurement
Microcurrent measurement
Wind direction and velocity measurement
Spectrophotometric measurement
Water level measurement
Phase shift method

※In addition to the technologies mentioned, we are continuously incorporating new technologies, please consult with us for more details.

We will propose the best manufacturing method for dedicated parts.

One of the obstacles encountered in the commercialization of manufacturing technologies is the production of dedicated parts. While general-purpose parts can be simply purchased, dedicated parts must be designed and manufactured. Tohei Group proposes the best manufacturing method for customers from the viewpoints of "quantity", "budget" and "delivery date" based on the "purpose".

First of all, please let us know your purpose to produce the product.


For trial or urgent confirmation
One to several units
Sales prototypes, technical prototypes
From 10 units
Small quantity sales, trial sales
From 100 units
For sale (sold in large quantities)
From 1000 units

We provide the cost effective "production method" based on quantity.


We provide the optimal "production method" and "production location" depending on your budget.