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Tray Loader Mechanism

《TD-7000/TC-7000 》

This Tray Loading Mechanism is designed for highly stately DVD/CD players. Aluminum die-cast tray selected. TDT-2000T traverse is applied for DVD player, Sanyo DA-11 traverse is for CD player

Install double shaft hold loading mechanism to minimize vibration of tray.
Belt driving is adapted to reduce noises
We can serve various kinds of covers that places on upper side of mechanism by customization.
There is a cut at the top of tray to facilitate installing a tray cover.
Stately aluminum die-cast tray is adaptable for 8cm discs.
Various colors of try can be customized.
This luxury tray loader is the result of our experience and accumulation of Tohei’s know-how and very welcomed by high-end audio makers in Japan and abroad.

DVD Traverse installed TD-7000
Tohei original TDT-2000T
CD Traverse installed TC-7000
Brushless Spindle Motor
*Brush motor is used for DVD or CD
Magnet Chucking Turn Table